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good night quotes

good night quotes and sayings

1.Hi moon!
dim your light

hello wind!
gentle breeze

Hello Earth!
gently turn

Because my friend is going to sleep.

2.good night's sleep will be tight
Dreaming of You with all my strength

3.Music is love, the love of music,
music is my life and I love my
and you life.thank
good night light, shining star
u're the only star I see tonight!
goog night, my love!

excellent good night quotes 

5.A day is going to end again.
it is nice to have a friend like u
make my day seem so great
Thank u my friend, finally
n good night dreams ...

good night quotes for her

6.One day I can die without saying goodbye to u.
but I never forget to say
thank u,
because you care about most
most beautiful part of my life

7.Goodnight my love

8. good night and a lively sunreise, my love!

9.Good night my dear freinds
sweet dreams

10.As night falls on the earth
it's time to sleep again
with the moon, I am here
wishing you good night!

Late at night,
time to turn off the lights
and go to sleep.
see you in the morning
sweet dreams.

12.Do not count what you have lost.
Just see what you have now,
because past never returns, but
sometimes future can give you back
your lost things.
goodnight quotes by famous people
13.good night!
sweet dreams
and a beautiful

14.Good night and
beautiful sunrise, my love!

15.Good night, my love!
Sweet Dreams!

16.don 't lose hope
you never know
what tomorrow will bring
good night

good night

18.A late night sms wishes does
mean that good night
he said a silent message ..
you are my last night reflection ..

good night quotes love
19.Day may fall when the sun goes out,
but you should never ..
good night
have rocking guys week ...
20.A u to sleep,
moon shining as ur bedside lamp,
Angels from heaven singing lullabies for u,
u can sleep peacefully through the night outside,
good friend night

21.we never noticed the
because we were too
trying to create.

22.if you judge
people you
no time
love ...

good night messages

23.The night may be dark, the moon
can not come and the stars can
hide, but do not worry, here for AMI
liven up your party.

24.Here are my special wishes for you tonight
a night full of love, peaceful sleep,
a beautiful dream and a prayer that will come true!
goog night ...!

25.Remembering the days were so good,
reminances and nostalgic visions come insight,
i will dream dreams u tonite,
yes my love very, good night

26.No matter if the sky is black or blue,
No matter if there are stars or moon,
As long as your heart is true,
Sweet dreams will always be with u,
good night

27.sun is upset and I was happy,
because the sun is missing you,
and the moon will be with you,
for the rest of the night,
have a wonderful night.

28.if only there was no distance between,
I would have kissed you goodnight ..
In any case, good night my love

You 29.close eyes in the dark.
store sweet and beautiful memories in your heart.
surrendar you in front of beautiful dreams ..
good night ....

30.sweet dreams sleep tight
we love you good night

Put 31.Remember
me in your dreams
and make that
intense dreams ..
32.iam not a nice guy,
but I can give my hand to someone
who needs is injured, not
face.good night .....

33.Touch your heart,
close your eyes.
make a wish,
say goodnight.

so wide sky,
so bright stars,
turn off the lights,
sleep so tight.

good night quotes for boyfriend

34.I do not love you with my heart,
but my soul, for one day
My heart stops beating and
My soul still burns for you!
goodnight my love!

35.Dear god renew my family
friends and myself as we sleep,
keep us safe in your arms and give us strength to face fo
the challenges of the coming day,
good night ..
36.A good laugh and a
long sleep are the
best remedies to
The book doctor ..

37.89,000 people die
every night
in their sleep
for no reason at all

That being said
I wish you good night

I hope you're lucky
those who will wake up.

38.Goodnight my love, pleasant
Dreams, Sleep Tight, my love,
maybe tomorrow and SUNY
bright and bring you closer

good night quotes facebook

39.AS day turns
at night, keep
your worries on
sight.close your
eyes, for all
good times are yours
to keep. good night

40.Good night for all

good night quotes for him

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