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Life is like a rainbow,
 You need both the
 rain and sun
 make colors appear

 The best things in life are free.
 9.good memories

 lifequotes by famous people

  Facet of life
  when your time is right,
  your mistakes r taken as a joke ...
  But when the weather is bad,
  even your jokes are noticed as mistakes ....

 Sometimes you have to do
 what is best for you and your life ...
 not what is best for
 everyone ...

 Do not give anyone any
 your time if they are only
 will give you half of them.

 Beauty attracts the attention
 but character catches the heart.

 It's not what you look at this,
 This is what you see.
 - Henry David

  LIFE is complicated.
  Do not try to find answers
  Because when you find answers
  Changes in the lives of questions.

 life quotes 

 Note to self iam doing
 the best I can with what I have
 at that time,
 and that's all I can excepting
 any person, including me

 Empty pockets
 you learn
 a million things in life
 Pockets full
 a thousand ways.

 best  lifequotes says that
 The only way to get what you really want
 is to let go of what you do not want

 Past is a nice place to visit,
 Definitely not a good place to stay.

  Life is like riding a bicycle
  to keep your balance, you must
  keep moving
  - Albert Einstein

  Do not cry for this
  is to
  what remains.

  Dear God,
  I want to take a
  minute, notto ask
  something from you.
  But simply to say thank you,
  for all that I have ....

  Focus on people
  who really love and care about you ..

  Stars can not shine
  without Darkness

 When writing the story of your life
 Do not let anyone else hold the pen.

 Who are you to judge
  the life I live?
  I'm not perfect and I
  do not have to be!
  Before you start pointing
  fingers, make sure your hands are clean.
  -Bob Marley

  Success always hugs you in private ....!
  But failure will always strikes in the public ...!
  Cest la vie ......

 latest life quotes

 In three words I can sum
 all have learned about life
 It Goes On
 -Robert Frost

 Kill tension before tension kills you.
 Achieve your goal before you start the goal.
 Live your life before life leaves you.

 Make peace with your past
 so as not to spoil your present.

 What other people think of you is
 None of your business

 Time heals almost everything,
 give time, time

 Nobody is the reason for your happiness
 Save yourself.

 Do not compare your life with others,
 You have no idea what their journey is all about.

 stop thinking too much,
 well its not knowing all the answers.

 Smile, you do not have
 every problem in the world

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